Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Argument From the Shroud - Further Reading (1-D)

Hello all,

While I am currently researching and compiling for the next essay, I wanted to post two papers that address some issues surrounding the Shroud. The reason for this is that these essays have compiled so much data and have such a better hold on the subject that I feel it would be pointless for me to create an essay for each of the subjects.

The first paper deals with the blood on the Shroud and the controversy surrounding the faulty research of Walter McCrone. It is a technical paper and a bit long, but well worth the read.

The second paper deals with many of the posited image formation theories (especially those related to forgery) and systematically shows why each of them fail. It goes over theories such as:

  • The Shroud was a painting
  • The Shroud was a photograph
  • The Shroud was a bleaching
  • The Shroud was a rubbing
  • The Shroud was a scorching
  • The Shroud was a 3D block print

The paper also summarizes the problem with the carbon dating results as well as a suggested timeline for the history of the Shroud. Enjoy!

The Shroud of Turin's 'Blood' Images: Blood, or Paint? History of Science Inquiry by David Ford 

Summary of Challenges to the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin by Richard B. Sorensen


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